Tiverton Middle School’s New Interactive Classroom

11 November

“Tiverton Middle School is taking an innovative approach to learning through a new interactive classroom,” Rebecca Turco writes for ABC 6 News.


Tiverton Middle School teachers and students received a $99,000 grant from the Champlin Foundations to help them build their science inquiry skills through embodied, mediated learning experiences.

“It’s about embodied learning,” explained Principal Laurie Dias-Mitchell. “This sort of delivery model is where our kids are. They are living in the digital realm. And our science classes and a lot of our classrooms are still in the 20th century.”

Tiverton Middle School has been using their SMALLab to improve learning and motive students.

The hands-on learning gets the entire class involved. “I would have kids that would just sit back and not take part, whereas now, I find that there’s pretty much 100 percent participation – which is huge,” said Marie Clarey, an eighth grade science teacher and the school’s science coordinator.

For now, the SMALLab is only used for science classes, but Dias-Mitchell hopes to expand the program to other subjects in the coming years. “There are so many applications [that] we have only touched the surface,” she told ABC6 News.

From the funds received, $35,000 went toward the purchase of the student-centered learning environment and the rest funded four new laptop carts.

The school’s goal with the SMALLab is to raise student engagement and achievement in science. Principal Dias-Mitchell would like to see improved NECAP test scores in science. Around 30 percent of their students have been scored proficient in the past few years.