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SMALLab is Learning!

SMALLab is all about Learning! While we are creating scenarios that help kids to learn, we need help from our teachers to get ideas about what is working and what isn't. Perhaps there is a subject that is difficult to explain, let SMALLab help you! Our team of developers can work with you to modify programs to work for your students and your curriculum. Just send an email to get this set-up for you! cyndi@smallablearning.com.

SMALLab Bi-Weekly Convene

SMALLab is growing and we are proud to bring to you our online bi-weekly convene. Talk with others about your experiences to help find new ways to enhance your SMALLab Learning environment. The next SMALLab Convene is held every other week at 12:00 noon Pacific time. If you are not able to attend, please send us your questions and we can bring them up in the Convene. 


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