We are eager to help resolve any technical or other support issues! To serve your needs, we offer a number of support channels and platforms.

If you have an immediate need, please use the ‘Help’ or ‘Chat’ button below to reach an agent during regular office hours M-F, Pacific Standard Time.

zendesk_logoTo create a help ticket when an agent is not available for chat, please submit your issue through the chat email or via the support request form. We use the Zendesk platform to provide best in class support ticketing and communication.


joinme_logoTo troubleshoot any issues with your SMALLab installation, we will typically ask that you connect with us via Join.Me on your SMALLab computer. If it is not already installed, please visit Download and install the desktop client prior to your support session.

To initiate your screen share session, connect the Join.Me client to We will also ask for your cell phone for audio during the session unless you have a microphone attached to the SMALLab computer.

calendly_logoTo schedule a technical or other support session, click here and select a time when you can be in SMALLab on your campus, with the Join.Me app running. A support agent will join you at the appointed time.


Submit a Support Request