SMALLab Learning Developer Program and SDK

The SMALLab Learning Developer program is available to individuals and organizations to create and publish embodied learning scenarios for SMALLab. You can create scenarios using the free version of Unity3D. Our SDK is a drag-and-drop package for Unity.

The SMALLab Learning SDK provides modular code and assets for use with the Unity3D game engine.  Membership for you and your students is included with your SMALLab purchase. 

Please review the SDK Terms of Use and contact us for more information.

SDK Video Tutorials

Basic Unity Project Setup

This video demonstrates how to start from a blank Unity project, import the SMALLab SDK, and begin tracking objects in the space.

Using the Pause/Play/Reset Functions

Learn how to play, pause or reset an action.

Using the Mouse during Development

This tutorial shows how to use the SMALLab Asset package to setup the simulator using the Mouse Input