SMALLab Learning Activities are Here!

07 April

SMALLab Learning is pleased to announce the addition of our SMALLab Learning Activities! We have published hundreds of activities and will publish over 1,000 by the summer.

These activities are downloaded and launched via our configurable learning scenarios. The activity library covers a wide range of topics across all grade levels. For example, check out downloadable activities for learning about fractions for 5th graders, affixes for 7th graders, or the Presidents for middle schoolers! We are constantly expanding the library to ensure that SMALLab provides learning opportunities across your entire campus. What’s more, you can rapidly create your own activities if you’d like.

SMALLab Learning is proud to feature two of our latest scenarios: Memory and WordPlay. The configurable design allows teachers to cover a wide range of subjects like math, science, social studies, and language arts with one scenario. Teachers can easily create their own activities that are specifically geared towards their students and their class subject. These are only a few of the learning scenarios now available with your SMALLab subscription. Sign-up for our newsletter for SMALLab news and updates!

Memory IconMemory

The Memory game you know and love…in SMALLab! Students hover over a tile to flip it over. They race the clock to match pairs of tiles. Tile can be configured as identical images or as knowledge pairs. For example, an equation can match to the solution.

This scenario is easily configurable by adding pairs of jpeg or png images. Select from our growing library of learning activities, or create your own!

WordPlay Icon


This scenario challenges groups of students to verbally respond to a series of prompts, racing the clock to complete as many challenges as they can before time expires. An evaluator determines if pairs of students have provided the correct answers.

This scenario is easily configurable to accommodate a limitless variety of learning topics. Choose from our growing library of learning activities that address topics such as spelling, fry words, english language learning, foreign language vocabulary, math, science, and history. Or, create your own activity with a simple text editor!