SMALLab Learning Environment

SMALLab in K-12 classrooms

Our flagship product is SMALLab, the Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Lab. SMALLab is an embodied learning environment. Motion-capture technology tracks students’ 3D movements as they learn in immersive, interactive space. For SMALLab in Museums and Learning Centersexample, as students are learning about a physics concept like velocity, they can hear the sound of their actions getting faster. They can see graphs and equations that represent their motions in real time. They can feel the weight of an object in their hand as they interact in real physical space.

What’s In the Box?

Installation Requirements

SMALLab can be installed in any existing classroom with minimal alterations. A 2-day, onsite installation service is included with your purchase. The system includes cameras, audio speakers, and a video projector that are mounted in the ceiling of your room. For rooms with a suspended ceiling, we use a modular tile system with technology-enable tiles that replace your existing tiles. We will design custom-fit mounting systems for other ceiling types as part of the included installation service. SMALLab before and after

A movable, foam-rubber mat is placed on the floor where students interact.  The mat is durable and easy to clean.  One computer workstation is positioned adjacent to SMALLab on a small table.

SMALLab uses a 15’ X 15’ interactive space.  We recommend that the room dimensions span at least 25’ X 25’ so that chairs can be positioned along each edge of the interactive space.  SMALLab requires a minimum 10’ ceiling height.

SMALLab requires 2 standard power outlets and one Ethernet connection.  Windows should be shaded or blocked to avoid direct sunlight in the room.

SMALLab installation diagram