SMALLab Embodied Learning Beyond the Classroom

12 May

SMALLab Learning continues its rapid growth by expanding its immersive, interactive classrooms beyond schools into commercial retail space and announcing new purchasing programs. SMALLab Learning utilizes interactive media to enhance K-12 students’ understanding across a broad range of topics such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, English language and performing arts.

SMALLab Learning

“Learning increases by 30% when it’s made collaborative, engaging and fun. Embodied learning engages all the senses and immerses the students into the content. At SMALLab Learning, we are demonstrating how our interactive classrooms can empower teachers and educate students in the 21st Century. By expanding our offering to more location possibilities and new subscription models, the SMALLab programs will be more accessible to the students and schools.” – David Birchfield, CEO of SMALLab Learning.

Alternative Learning Environments
Alternative destinations dubbed SMALLab Learning Centers are being explored to host the SMALLab environment in spaces outside of schools. This public-private partnership will place the Centers into retail spaces, museums, etc., which provide schools an opportunity to have greater access to SMALLab scenarios.  Company leadership is meeting with developers and property managers around the country to structure funding and hosting models that allow for easier school system access to these programs in centralized locations in major cities.

The SMALLab Learning’s environment will be showcased to developers, school administrators and media at Episcopal School of Baton Rouge on Tuesday, June 9.

New Subscription & Content Options
Access and usage of the lab is still available for purchase; however, SMALLab Learning has also established a new subscription and content program. This program allows for schools or retail environments to make an investment over time. The new pricing structure reduces upfront costs and enables educators to focus on teaching and learning.