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Spinner engages a large group of students. It encourages thoughtful listening and turn taking while students sit or stand in a circle. With each turn, the spinner randomly lands on a new student and presents a question. The student takes their turn to verbally respond before passing the wand to the next participant.

Configurable timers allow you to set the turn-taking and overall game duration. At the end of a round, review the group’s questions and responses.

Choose from our library of existing activities to address Science, Math, Language, subjects. Or, create your own! It’s as easy as typing text to create custom activities for Spinner. You can even use this scenario to support anti-bullying conversations or any type of group discussion.

Scenario Screenshots

Spinner Screen

Configure to allow an entire class to sit around the spinner circle.

Spinner Screen

Students take turns responding to questions as the spinner lands on their spot.

Spinner Screen

Download or create your own activities with a text editor.


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