Particle Predator Scenario

Particle Predator screenshot

Student designers and players learn about systems in this scenario.  Designers are provided with a game template with six configurable particles in a two player game setup.  Designers configure rules that define the interactions between each of the six particles including which particles destroy other particles and which replace other particles.  Designers are seeking to create a balanced and engaging game by manipulating the underlying rules between the particles.

Players have 2 minutes to play against one another.  Player 1 can add three of the particles while Player 2 can add the other three.  The player with the most particles in the space when time expires is the winner.  To succeed, players must practice hypothesis generation and testing, deducing the rules as they play.

Interaction Screens

Particle Predator Activity

Students grab particles and ‘throw’ them into the space

Particle Predator

Students make observations about the particles to play effectively

Particle Predator

Particles interact according to student-designed rule sets

Particle Predator Configuration Panel

The interaction rules can be edited in real time

References and Documentation

PDF download iconParticle Predator – SMALLab Teacher Guide


PDF download iconParticle Predator – Flow Teacher Guide


PDF download iconParticle Predator – Flow Quick Start Guide

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