Lifting Gears Game Scenario

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Students compete to lift boulders from a rock quarry by using a virtual winch controlled by the spinning of their arms.  They can produce a greater output force by spinning their arms in a small circle.  They can raise the boulders faster by spinning their arms in a large circle.  Through this game play they develop a conceptual understanding of key topics including gear ratios, mechanical advantage, force, work, and gravity.

Scenario Screenshots

Lifting Gears - Simple Machines Pack for Flow

Students ‘grab’ a rock to lift it from the quarry. They move to adjust the gear ratio and apply the appropriate force.

Lifting Gears Game Screen

Students race to lift the most rocks in the allotted time.

Lifting Gears Game Screen

Settings can be configured to explore different gear ratios and lifting forces.

References and Documentation

PDF download iconLifting Gears Game – Flow Teacher Guide


PDF download iconLifting Gears Game – Flow Quick Start Guide


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