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In this scenario, the body serves as a metaphor for revealing actions, feelings and thoughts.  Students create sets of images and sounds that represent these aspects of a character.  These are loaded into the scenario.  When students point toward their feet, the action elements appear.  When they hold their hand to their heart, the feeling elements appear.  When they raise their hand above their head, thought elements appear.

In the context of the English Language Arts classroom, students can create profiles of the actions, feelings, and thoughts of characters in the books or plays they are studying.  In the context of the English as a Second Language classroom, students can create profiles of themselves as a creative way to introduce themselves and practice public speaking.

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PDF download iconCharacter Profile – Flow Teacher Guide


PDF download iconCharacter Profile – SMALLab Teacher Guide


PDF download iconCharacter Profile – Flow Quick Start Guide

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PDF download iconCharacter Profile Worksheet_Historical – Use your Character Profile Scenario for your social studies classes to help your students understand the historical significance of important figures throughout history.


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