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SMALLab Embodied Learning Environment

Bring SMALLab to your campus for less than $20 per student!

Pricing includes all hardware, installation, unlimited software downloads & upgrades, worry free maintenance, and regular teacher training sessions delivered to your campus.

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SMALLab Embodied Learning Environment

SMALLab is an embodied learning environment.  Motion-capture technology tracks students’ 3D movements as they learn in immersive, interactive space. For example, as students are learning about a physics concept like velocity, they can hear the sound of their actions getting faster. They can see graphs and equations that represent their motions in real time. They can feel the weight of an object in their hand as they interact in real physical space.

Why SMALLab?

Cognitive scientists have discovered compelling evidence that nearly all of our experiences are in some way grounded in the body.  This suggests that the embodied experiences can lead to more effective learning – learning that is kinesthetic, collaborative, and multimodal.  SMALLab Learning is at the forefront of this exciting new field of embodied learning.

What is Embodied Learning?

Embodied learning is an emerging field that blends human computer interaction with learning sciences.  Cognitive scientists have discovered compelling evidence that most language and cognition is grounded in a bodily experience. This suggests that embodied, physical activities can lead to more effective learning. Embodied learning has the potential to transform K-12 learning in schools, museums, and community centers.

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