Flow brings embodied learning to any existing Interactive Whiteboard or projection surface. Using motion-capture technology - similar to the Xbox Kinect™ - students’ bodies are the interface in Flow. Students use their hands in real 3D space to manipulate images, sounds, text, and graphics. This kinesthetic engagement opens new pathways to learning.

For example, in the Color Mixer Scenario, groups of three students collaborate control the amount of red, green, and blue light that is mixed in a virtual spotlight.  By raising and lowering their arms, they can see a dynamic mix of colors, hear the impact of their actions, and feel the relationship between gesture and how a variable changes.


Flow Videos


Why Flow?

With Flow, students are up out of their seats - playfully engaged - and physically moving as they learn. Flow can be installed with a standard classroom projector OR any brand of interactive whiteboard OR as a stand alone unit. We have a track record of research demonstrating that embodied learning has a positive impact on student achievement. This research was conducted in real world classrooms across the country with support from the National Science Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and the Gates Foundation. Our innovative professional development programs ensure that your teachers are properly trained to effectively implement embodied learning with Flow.



Purchasing Flow

Flow is designed as a low-cost system that adds value to your existing technology investment.  Included with your purchase is:

  1. Hardware- One motion-capture camera that can be fitted to your existing IWB or projection surface.  You can also purchase a complete package including a video projector and mounts.
  2. Software - 1-year, renewable subscription for unlimited Scenario downloads.
  3. Professional Development– PD is critical to successful integration of Flow in your classrooms.  You can choose a 1-day onsite professional development workshop OR participate in our 8-week Professional Development By Design program.
  4. SMALLab Learning Developer License- your faculty, students, and staff can create new learning scenarios using our development kit
  5. Ongoing Remote Support- dedicated account manager support; participate in regular online convenings; remote technical support

More Information

For pricing and conditions, please contact us.