SMALLab Learning Developer Program

The SMALLab Learning Developer program is available to individuals and organizations to create and publish embodied learning scenarios for SMALLab and Flow.
To join the developer program you must first complete the application form here.  You can then accept the SDK Terms of service and download the most recent version of the SDK here.
The SMALLab Learning SDK provides modular code and assets for use with the Unity3D game engine.  The developer program is free to join, and you can create scenarios using the free version of Unity3D.
Completed scenarios for SMALLab and Flow can be published in the SMALLab Learning Scenario Store whereby you will share in revenues generated from your published scenario(s).
3 Easy Steps To Join the Developer Program!

  1. Enroll in the program - GO!
  2. Agree to the SDK Terms of Service - GO!
  3. Download the SDK and begin developing scenarios - GO!