21st Century Journey with Connellsville Area School District

05 December

This past summer, Connellsville Area School District installed three SMALLabs as one of several 21st century innovations being introduced in their district this year. David Birchfield, John Trionfo, and Vanessa Vartabedian spent several days in Connellsville, introducing teachers to the learning environments installed at West Crawford, Dunbar Township and Springfield Township elementary schools.

Connellsville Area School District - 21st Century Journey with SMALLab Learning

Embodied learning is best described as a combination of physical interfaces and neuro-cognitive research. Research conducted at Arizona State University in 2010 found that SMALLab technology led to an 86% increase in student learning and multiplied student collaboration by 6.7xs.


Amy Witt, a Herald-Standard’s excellent educator, known for utilizing technology and innovation to engage her K-6 students, has been helping Connellsville schools build their own SMALLab community, adding to the existing national network of schools with the new SMALLab teacher resources website.