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SMALLab Interactive Game Technology at Episcopal High School

12 December
Episcopal High School - color mixer - SMALLab

Episcopal High School took an ordinary classroom and converted it recently into an educational playroom where students abandon their seats to play interactive games that allow them to explore nearly any topic, ranging from the nature of gravity to Roman history. Writes Charles Lussier December 3, 2014 for the Turn out the lights, turn […]

Fostering STEM learning at Nolan Elem-Middle with SMALLab

10 December
Nolan Elementary Middle School - SMALLab

Nolan Elementary-Middle School is the first school in Michigan to be receiving a SMALLab. This is one way the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) is supplementing its science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction. Through technological innovation students are introduced to real-world applications. The technology offers students the opportunity to showcase what they’re learning in the […]

Interaction emphasized in Connoquenessing Valley SMALLab

24 November
Connoquenessing Valley - SMALLab Learning

Connoquenessing Valley is SMALLab Learning’s newest installation, where students to interact with visual lessons, manipulating projected images. SMALLab puts the focus on embodied learning – the concept of teaching through physical interaction for more effective learning. November 22, 2014, Megan Guza writes for “Our goal is to instill a passion for learning,” said building […]

SMALLab Interactive Learning at Twin Rivers

27 October
Twin Rivers - McKeesport Area SD - SMALLab Learning

Twin Rivers Intermediate School is the second SMALLab installed in the McKeesport Area School District, one of a handful of districts in Pennsylvania using the new, interactive tool to educate students — a technology that according to a one fourth-grader, “makes learning more fun.” Deana Carpenter writes for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 23, 2014. In addition […]

Three SMALLab Installations for Pittsburgh Public Schools

16 May
Pittsburgh Public Schools - SMALLab

On Monday, May 12, 2014  Pittsburgh Sterrett Classical Academy hosted teachers from Pittsburgh Manchester and Pittsburgh Weil for a training held by David Birchfield. This concluded the set of SMALLab installations for Pittsburgh Public Schools.   Pittsburgh Sterrett, Pittsburgh Manchester and Pittsburgh Weil are among the select schools in Pennsylvania that now have a dedicated […]

The Future of Education at Huntsville Middle School

26 March
Huntsville Middle School - SMALLab

Huntsville Middle School has taken their education to the next level with their recent SMALLab installation. Daniela Perallon for WHNT News 19: SMALLab utilizes game technology, projecting graphs and games onto the floor. When WHNT News 19 visited the lab on March 20th, the students were tracking constant velocity by holding the wands and walking along […]

Huge Learning Opportunities at West Allegheny SD with SMALLab

07 October
West Allegheny Middle School - SMALLab Learning

In a recently transformed West Allegheny Middle School classroom, learning takes on a new dimension in their new SMALLab. As an embodied learning environment. SMALLab provides a dynamic technological atmosphere where learning becomes a physical experience as students interact with motion-capture technology that allows them to immerse themselves in the content they are studying. A $20,000 STEAM Grant from The […]

New Way of Learning at Founders’ Hall with SMALLab

13 September
Founders Hall - SMALLab

Middle school students at Founders’ Hall in McKeesport Area are discovering a new way of learning with technology in an unconventional classroom setting, their new SMALLab. Michael McCabe, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, gets the students moving and learning. September 11, 2013, Michael Di Vittorrio writes for “What the SMALLab allows us to do […]

SMALLab Learning Takes Part in the McKeel IBIS Project

04 June
McKeel IBIS Project

SMALLab Learning is proud to be a sponsor for the McKeel IBIS Project. The McKeel Innovative Best Instructional Strategies (IBIS) Project serves to assist and support Florida’s lower performing charter schools with technology integration and literacy using the Flow embodied learning environment from SMALLab Learning. The Florida Department of Education has awarded McKeel Academy of Technology a […]