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Engaging in Historical Thinking

18 February
Engaging in Historical Thinking - SMALLab Learning

History has too often been boiled down to boring names, facts, and dates… this is what history is to a lot of people. Lectures rely too heavily on auditory input and make students passive as opposed to active learners. Students memorize dates and names but soon forget everything once the test is over. How can […]

Developing Deeper Learning

11 February
Huntsville Middle School - SMALLab

We live in a world that is changing—and changing quickly. People and goods move around the world with unprecedented ease. The rapid advance of technology means that televisions, computers, and cell phones consume more than seven hours of the average American child’s day. Signs of our digital connectivity are all around us: every month, 100 […]

Beyond the Maker Movement

22 January

Hands-on learning or learning by doing has been taking place formally and informally for years, but technology and new tools have helped recreate this style of learning into the ever popular maker movement. There is no question that students learn through embodied cognition with enriching experiences grounded in the body, but how has it changed and […]

Systems Thinking & Embodied Learning

02 December
Hannah Lawrence, left, and Rachel Lawrence playing Robot Swarm, an exhibit in which one can control the movement of differently colored robots. Ozier Muhammad / The New York Times

Can math and robots teach students about behavior and systems thinking? Through human computer interaction and applied learning sciences, math with the help of some clever engineering and robots comes to life! At the National Museum of Mathematics in Manhattan (known as MoMath), a new exhibit called Robot Swarm is in the final testing before […]

SMALLab Games Produced by the BrainSTEM Team

10 April

Here’s a look at the SMALLab games produced by the BrainSTEM team in the fall of 2012 for Elizabeth Forward Middle School. BrainSTEM was an interactive education project with Elizabeth Forward School District to develop immersive, interactive experiences for middle school students using the SMALLab. SMALLab is a unique piece of technology that focuses on embodied […]

5 Myths About Learning – How Students Learn and Develop

26 September
Children are social learners and they learn from one another and learn through play.

Sam Wang, an associate professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. He gives us some insight into how the human brain develops and changes over time, helping us to understand how students learn and develop. Laura Devaney writes for eSchoolNews, September 19, 2012. Myth 1: ADHD isn’t real, or conversely is […]