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Embodied Learning with ICC-Education

28 January
Fraction Action in Arabic

SMALLab Learning LLC, a leader in embodied learning, and ICC-Education, a provider of total Education technology solutions and services, have been working together to bring SMALLab and Flow to the Middle East. ICC-Education, a member of the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), works with all education sectors improving learning and teaching by advancing […]

Beyond the Maker Movement

22 January

Hands-on learning or learning by doing has been taking place formally and informally for years, but technology and new tools have helped recreate this style of learning into the ever popular maker movement. There is no question that students learn through embodied cognition with enriching experiences grounded in the body, but how has it changed and […]

SMALLab Interactive Game Technology at Episcopal High School

12 December
Episcopal High School - color mixer - SMALLab

Episcopal High School took an ordinary classroom and converted it recently into an educational playroom where students abandon their seats to play interactive games that allow them to explore nearly any topic, ranging from the nature of gravity to Roman history. Writes Charles Lussier December 3, 2014 for the Turn out the lights, turn […]

Fostering STEM learning at Nolan Elem-Middle with SMALLab

10 December
Nolan Elementary Middle School - SMALLab

Nolan Elementary-Middle School is the first school in Michigan to be receiving a SMALLab. This is one way the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) is supplementing its science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction. Through technological innovation students are introduced to real-world applications. The technology offers students the opportunity to showcase what they’re learning in the […]

Systems Thinking & Embodied Learning

02 December
Hannah Lawrence, left, and Rachel Lawrence playing Robot Swarm, an exhibit in which one can control the movement of differently colored robots. Ozier Muhammad / The New York Times

Can math and robots teach students about behavior and systems thinking? Through human computer interaction and applied learning sciences, math with the help of some clever engineering and robots comes to life! At the National Museum of Mathematics in Manhattan (known as MoMath), a new exhibit called Robot Swarm is in the final testing before […]

Interaction emphasized in Connoquenessing Valley SMALLab

24 November
Connoquenessing Valley - SMALLab Learning

Connoquenessing Valley is SMALLab Learning’s newest installation, where students to interact with visual lessons, manipulating projected images. SMALLab puts the focus on embodied learning – the concept of teaching through physical interaction for more effective learning. November 22, 2014, Megan Guza writes for “Our goal is to instill a passion for learning,” said building […]

SMALLab Interactive Learning at Twin Rivers

27 October
Twin Rivers - McKeesport Area SD - SMALLab Learning

Twin Rivers Intermediate School is the second SMALLab installed in the McKeesport Area School District, one of a handful of districts in Pennsylvania using the new, interactive tool to educate students — a technology that according to a one fourth-grader, “makes learning more fun.” Deana Carpenter writes for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 23, 2014. In addition […]