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Engaging Students in Active Learning

09 February
Engaging Students in Active Learning

Engaging students in their education has been an ongoing challenge that increases every year. We all agree that students need to be invested in their education, but the 2016 Gallup poll of nearly a million U.S. students confirms that engagement has been dropping, especially as students advance in grade. Only half of adolescents reported feeling engaged […]

Gamifying Language Learning

01 February
Language Learning in SMALLab Spinner

Foreign language learning in the 21st century is changing. Teachers are now competing with a tech-centric world. Keeping students fully engaged has become a challenge. As 21st century learners, students must develop their critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. Teachers are required to integrate a suitable framework for boosting these skills. Classrooms are requiring […]

Social Emotional Learning in the SMALLab

31 January
social-emotional learning

Schools have been known to focus on academics, but a recent update to federal education law has required states to teach, measure, and test social emotional skills as a means to judge school performance. While “grit” has become a buzzword and a desirable outcome for social-emotional learning, advocate Angela Duckworth says, “I do not think […]

Embodiment for Comprehension

26 January
Providence Day - Character Profile

Comprehension Reading and comprehension are traditional challenges for students of all ages whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Building a character profile can help students process and interpret what they are reading by looking for clues about how the character thinks, feels and acts. Using their body as a metaphor, students can act out their […]

21st Century Journey with Connellsville Area School District

05 December

This past summer, Connellsville Area School District installed three SMALLabs as one of several 21st century innovations being introduced in their district this year. David Birchfield, John Trionfo, and Vanessa Vartabedian spent several days in Connellsville, introducing teachers to the learning environments installed at West Crawford, Dunbar Township and Springfield Township elementary schools. Embodied learning […]

Tiverton Middle School’s New Interactive Classroom

11 November

“Tiverton Middle School is taking an innovative approach to learning through a new interactive classroom,” Rebecca Turco writes for ABC 6 News. Tiverton Middle School teachers and students received a $99,000 grant from the Champlin Foundations to help them build their science inquiry skills through embodied, mediated learning experiences. “It’s about embodied learning,” explained Principal […]

SMALLab Learning at GaETC 2015 Conference

02 November
SMALLab Learning at GaETC 2015 Conference

SMALLab Learning, the leader in embodied learning environments, will share its immersive, interactive classroom during the GaETC 2015 Conference (Georgia Educational Technology Conference) held Nov. 4-6 in Atlanta. SMALLab utilizes interactive media in classrooms to enhance K-12 students’ understanding across a broad range of topics such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, English language […]

Disruptive Education at MISBO Fall 2015

21 September

SMALLab Learning is proud to be a participant in the MISBO (Mid-South Independent School Business Officers) Fall 2015 Conference. This year’s conference is focused on disruptive education. “From mobile learning to makerspaces, technology is one of the most disruptive forces in education today.” Elizabeth Minton, the Science, Math, and Creativity Instigator of Episcopal School of […]

SMALLab Embodied Learning Beyond the Classroom

12 May
SMALLab Learning

SMALLab Learning continues its rapid growth by expanding its immersive, interactive classrooms beyond schools into commercial retail space and announcing new purchasing programs. SMALLab Learning utilizes interactive media to enhance K-12 students’ understanding across a broad range of topics such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, English language and performing arts. “Learning increases by […]