Success Stories

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Bobtown Elementary Transforms Learning

“I JUST finished with a 6th grade class… It was awesome. I have been pulling classes down all week. EVERYONE loves it!”

– Tracy, K-8 Instructional Technology Coach, Pennsylvania



Bridging the Wealth Gap: Connellsville Area School District turns decreased funding into increased student success

“From day one, our investment in SMALLab Learning was tied to the ability to see the impact on student outcomes. The SMALLab helped us make data-driven decisions and gain visibility into the impact on student achievement.”

– Superintendent Philip Martell , Pennsylvania

Connellsville Area School District - Memory

Lucy Stickler, Science Teacher, Providence Day School
About her SMALLab class experience…



Episcopal SMALLab

“SMALLab allows our students and teachers to take another exciting step into the future of learning.”

Jewel, K-12 Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Louisiana


“Our students and teachers are already using and loving the system. I’ve never seen them so excited for something as they are for the SMALLab.”

– Jon – Middle School Technology Specialist, Rhode Island