Research demonstrates that SMALLab can increase student learning by 86%, and yield a 7x increase in student-centered discussions. Learn More >>

SMALLab is an embodied learning environment where students are up out of their seats, moving as they learn. Our motion-capture environment is transforming the classroom and improving student achievement. Hundreds of learning activities are standards-aligned for all K-12 STEAM subjects.

With school installations across the US and the Middle East, there’s likely a SMALLab near you. Contact us to arrange a visit!

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  • Digital Games – A Fun Physical Learning Experience

    Digital Games – A Fun Physical Learning Experience

    A game is not just a game in SMALLab, it becomes a fun physical learning experience and can help students learn with the most challenging subjects in school. “In order to take learning to the next level, there’s an experiment in Pittsburgh that brings game designers closer to the educators …Read More »
  • Engaging in Historical Thinking

    Engaging in Historical Thinking

    History has too often been boiled down to boring names, facts, and dates… this is what history is to a lot of people. Lectures rely too heavily on auditory input and make students passive as opposed to active learners. Students memorize dates and names but soon forget everything once the …Read More »
  • Developing Deeper Learning

    Developing Deeper Learning

    We live in a world that is changing—and changing quickly. People and goods move around the world with unprecedented ease. The rapid advance of technology means that televisions, computers, and cell phones consume more than seven hours of the average American child’s day. Signs of our digital connectivity are all …Read More »

Recent News

  • 21st Century Journey with Connellsville Area School District

    21st Century Journey with Connellsville Area School District

    This past summer, Connellsville Area School District installed three SMALLabs as one of several 21st century innovations being introduced in their district this year. David Birchfield, John Trionfo, and Vanessa Vartabedian spent several days in Connellsville, introducing teachers to the learning environments installed at West Crawford, Dunbar Township and Springfield …Read More »
  • Tiverton Middle School’s New Interactive Classroom

    Tiverton Middle School’s New Interactive Classroom

    “Tiverton Middle School is taking an innovative approach to learning through a new interactive classroom,” Rebecca Turco writes for ABC 6 News. Tiverton Middle School teachers and students received a $99,000 grant from the Champlin Foundations to help them build their science inquiry skills through embodied, mediated learning experiences. “It’s …Read More »
  • SMALLab Learning at GaETC 2015 Conference

    SMALLab Learning at GaETC 2015 Conference

    SMALLab Learning, the leader in embodied learning environments, will share its immersive, interactive classroom during the GaETC 2015 Conference (Georgia Educational Technology Conference) held Nov. 4-6 in Atlanta. SMALLab utilizes interactive media in classrooms to enhance K-12 students’ understanding across a broad range of topics such as math, physics, chemistry, …Read More »